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Achievement motivation of intellectually gifted learners with dyslexia – basic determinants and transformations in the period of adolescence and early adulthood

The research deals with the issue of extraordinarily gifted adolescents and young adults with a simultaneous learning disability, dyslexia. According to the contemporary foreign state of knowledge, it is this population of the extraordinarily gifted that has been for a long time in a considerably disadvantaged learning position very often preventing them from being successful not only at school but especially in their lives.

The research intends to examine a network of factors affecting academic motivation of these students. The main aim of the project is to examine the key variables that can be held significantly responsible for the condition when these students’ achievement motivation is reduced; when these gifted learners are academically underrated; when their potential is not developed and when they are excluded from educational and social structures even before they can make use of their abilities. It is a serious situation that can have critical social and economic consequences both for these students and the whole society. At the same time, the project wants to map also those factors that can, on the contrary, lead to an increased motivation in this specific population of learners.

This research project intends to depict a complex network of significant psychological and social factors that affect the academic achievement motivation of extraordinarily gifted students with a learning handicap. Simultaneously, it wants to predict the factors whose influence will be manifested in the selection of their future profession as well as in the degree of their motivation to overcome further academic obstacles. Therefore, it is directed at analyzing the key variables enabling this specific group of the gifted to develop and apply their extraordinary, yet often hidden intellectual abilities.

It wants to scrutinize the mediation role of the psychological, educational and social experience which is related in these gifted learners to setting the priorities of education itself and issues concerning long-time occupational orientation. With regard to the anticipated variability of the significance of the individual factors in the course of the development, it intends to conduct research in the chosen population of students in the longitudinal perspective.

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